Two Female Entrepreneurs Join Forces to Provide Enhanced Home Services to the Omaha Metro

Two Female Entrepreneurs Join Forces to Provide Enhanced Home Services to the Omaha Metro
Two female-owned businesses serving the Omaha metro are excited to share their new-found collaboration in the home space. Bianca Zipse, owner of the Morning Project, a home decluttering and organizing business, along with business owner Megan Nelson of Nest with the Nelsons, a virtual interior design business, are joining forces to offer premium home services on a budget.

Ready or Not

Ready or Not, Daylight Savings in Coming
Whether we are ready or not, winter is coming. Sunday, November 7th, marks the day we “fall back” an hour, where the sun slips away early, taking our precious evening light with it. Our bodies have a system called the Circadian Rhythm, which works to regulate when our bodies are awake, and when it is time for sleep, all based on the lighting in our environment. This affects our mental state, our productivity, our sleep cycle and so much more. So, it’s important, but seems to struggle more in the winter with our limited daylight hours.

Our days don’t end at 5 PM when the sun decides to head out, so the next step is working with daylight savings, instead of against it. Just because it is dark and gloomy and cold outside, doesn’t mean your home has to be the same!

Before + After: Powder Room Edition

Before + After: Powder Room Edition

I’m beyond excited to share our powder room makeover. It was such a fun project, and one that we’ve dreamed of tackling for years now.

Welp, we finally made the plunge and jumped into the renovations … and the results were even more fun, inspired, and decadent than we imagined.

How do you get everything done in a day?

Pulling these crazy hours allows us to be at home with one another. For me to see my kids grow up. To be able to attend the classroom party or school event. To grab coffee with a girlfriend in the middle of the day. To grow a business I love. And to be able to help others create the healthy, happy home of their dreams. 
Is it worth it? 1,000 times over.

Healthy You, Healthy Home

Healthy You, Healthy Home
Have you ever heard the expression: you can’t be fully healthy without a healthy home?
Probably not … since I just made it up right now.
But, I firmly believe it. You can’t achieve a true, healthy lifestyle without first looking inward at your daily routines, and your home.
What’s lurking under your kitchen sink, which products you clean your home with, and what you put in and on your body are all important.
And I’m sure you’re like me, a few years back, I had NO idea all of the junk, yuck, and nasty chemicals that were hiding in our kitchen cabinets.
Do you?
Don’t fret! I certainly don’t want to add yet another item to your ever-growing laundry list of things to do around the house.
But, as always, I’m here to serve. Let’s fast-forward and I’ll provide you my best tips of where to start looking for these pesky products in your own home.
The Scariest Areas of your Home
Check here first. These are a few of the scariest areas of your home where chemicals can so easily be disguised as something “healthy, green, safe, and non-toxic.”
Under the Kitchen Sink
YIKES! This can be an overwhelming area of your home in general, but to start thinking through the harmful chemicals that may be hiding—double scary. Simplify things with this one cleaner that is natural, safe, and effective. We use this ONE, yes ONE, cleaner to provide a masterful clean for our entire home. Could you say this is the answer to all of your problems? If you’re a mom—YES, I think that’s fair.
Laundry Room
This can be another super toxic area of your home. And who knew, the scents of detergent and fabric softeners are so pleasant. But, that’s just the issue! The chemicals are disguised under those “fresh scents.” And, they are incredibly harmful to us, and our overall health. We use this instead. It’s WAY cheaper, it’s crazy effective, and removes stains every single time.
Oh the bathroom! This is a space in our homes that should be a sanctuary, a retreat, and a place where we can have the best start to our day. Instead, many of us are bogged down by the chemical burden that completely consumes our beauty products, deodorant, fragrances, and toothpaste. News flash, every single one of these products that you can pick up from the store are chocked FULL of chemicals. Explore these safe alternatives that have transformed our health and our home instead.

Feeling a bit stressed after learning what is really hiding in your home? 
Strike a yoga pose (or 5) with our resident yoga expert herself, Amy Kaspar, of Country Road 5280. She’s got great tips to create a mindful, relaxed space while practicing proper yoga poses. 
Now that you’re refocused and recharged, let’s tackle your home together! I’d love to work with you to create the healthy home of your dreams.
Hit me up, and we can schedule a time to chat about making your goals of a healthy home a reality.
Love, Joy + Oils Always,
Megan Nelson, Owner + Founder
Oil Up Omaha 
Member ID: 10489847
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