The Secret to Selecting the Perfect Curtains

The Secret to Selecting the Perfect Curtains
Let’s be honest--shopping for curtains can be a PAIN with a capital “P!” You’ve got to worry about the color, pattern, style, and light or darkening power for your space. Not to mention, you also need to choose the right size. Choosing just the right set can really be a challenge.

It’s a bit of an art to find just the right combo of style, function, and size for your space, really. And, each room of your home comes with its own personalized needs.

So, grab a beverage, cozy up, and let’s get to work to find the perfect curtains for your home!

Have 15 Minutes to Chat this Week?

Have 15 Minutes to Chat this Week?
We were just working with a new client who was knee-deep in a kitchen renovation. They were going with some more trendy finishes—two-toned cabinets, herringbone-patterned backsplash, stone finishes, and the like. But they were totally lost on what kitchen cabinet pulls were best for them to bring it all together.

Nest with the Nelsons to the rescue! We set up a virtual design consultation, hashed out their overall vision for the project, talked about how quickly they may like to do another update or if they’d rather keep things evergreen. From there, we helped steer them to a common decision that they felt confident about that they won’t need to swap out next year.

THIS JUST IN: Find your Home Decor Style

Your Home Decor Style Quiz Awaits
So, in case we haven’t met yet …

Hey there! đź‘‹ I’m Megan Nelson, an awe-inspiring farmhouse-enthusiast interior designer. I work with clients from coast to coast curating high-end looks that make their homes finally feel like home ... all

based on their budget.

Take the quiz, and see what your decor style reveals. And, when you're ready--we're here to help! 

Shag Carpet, Oak Interior, Dim Lighting—Oh My!

Shag Carpet, Oak Interior, Dim Lighting--OH MY!
Sound all too familiar? Not to fret, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you craft a design concept to make your space feel more like you—calm, cozy, collected, and from this century. All while working within your budget.

With our interior design service at 
Nest with the Nelsons, we provide you a design concept for your space with recommendations of home interior fixtures, wall art, lighting, and furniture that transforms your space from looking like grandma’s house to being luxe, trendy, and right at home. We provide the full concept that you can take and run with, or handpick which options you would like to incorporate into your space.

Hot Home DĂ©cor on a Budget

Hot Home Decor on a Budget

Did you see those amazing light fixtures? What about that rug? And that ottoman—amazing!!

Or, at least that’s what you thought … until you saw the price. OUCH!

So often we hear friends, family, and our clients say they can’t afford really cute home décor. And a session with an interior design firm? No way! But what if there was a way to make this service more affordable? What if there was a service offered at an affordable rate?
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