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Meet Megan

At barely 8 months pregnant, I was rushed to the hospital.

After waiting what seemed like forever, we learned that our sweet baby boy would be here soon. But what we didn’t realize was that our long road in the NICU was just beginning.

Once Bennett was born, we experienced the hardest days of all—lonely life in the NICU. Scary tests, intimidating equipment, intense medical jargon, and unbearable lengths of time passed. I was a wreck!

Fast forward six months and many unexpected doctor’s appointments later, Bennett’s delicate immune system was hanging by a thread. I knew we needed to make a change—for his health and ours—and fast.

After trying so many other things, I had almost given up. But then I found just what we needed. To be honest, I had considered it before but was skeptical. After finally giving it a try, we all started living again.

To this day, we owe our health and our wellness to this one simple daily habit.

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