How to Decorate a Magazine-Worthy Christmas Tree

How to Decorate a Magazine-Worthy Christmas Tree
We’ve all heard it by now. There will be shipping delays galore this holiday season, so shop early! With just 61 days to go until my all-time favorite season, I’m ALL IN on shopping NOW. I’m also all-in on finding exceptional deals on luxury gifts, Christmas décor, and home improvement items.

And you’re in luck! It just so happens I plan to share those sweet deals with you. But, we’ve got to start somewhere, right?! Let’s ease into the Christmas season and give you the most bang for your buck by starting with a staple this time of year—the Christmas tree!

I’ve been told more than a time or two that my Christmas trees are a bit dreamy, and they could be featured in a magazine. (The highest compliment a designer could get this time of year!!) So, if you’re looking for that swoon-worthy Christmas tree how-to, we’ve got you covered.

Cozy up, grab a warm beverage, and be ready to score all the tips on how to decorate a magazine-worthy Christmas tree this season. We can’t wait to see how your holidays are transformed by setting the intentions of your space with a HUGE impact—a stunning Christmas tree!

The Tree Itself
For starters, let’s begin with the Christmas tree itself. The size, the width, and the look all matter here, and can have an impact on how decked out (or not!) your look might be. If you’re in the market for a Christmas tree, know how tall your ceilings are where you plan to place the tree.

If you’re hoping for a showstopper tree, go for a wider, fuller tree, that is just over 1 foot shy of your ceiling height (this extra space will allow for a great tree topper at the end). If you’re looking for a tree to fit in tighter quarters, follow the same height rule, but know the width of your space. In this case, a slimmer tree may do.

Lighting is Key
If you’re selecting a tree, or need to add lighting, I always recommend the classic white twinkle light look. It’s beautiful, timeless, and literally goes with every color combination and theme you might be trying to strike this year, and for many years to come.

Colors + Patterns—Oh My!
Once the tree and the lighting are secured, the color scheme is next. This is one of my favorite selections during the holiday season. No need to stick with the traditional red theme that you and your mom, and grandma, and everyone in your family has done through the history of Christmas. Have some fun here! Choose something you like, but if it’s a little daring—go for it.

Is your favorite color purple? Awesome—have a gorgeous, purple and proud tree. Love that minty green color? Use that as your inspiration. Maybe you’re more glam? Go all out in silver metallics and golds. Are you a fan of the black and white plaid look? There are tons of options for that look, too! Choose a color (or 2!) or a pattern you really enjoy, and shop for your tree around that scheme.

Embellish Away
Hobby Lobby is your friend. Let’s repeat that together! Hobby Lobby is your friend. And, you don’t need to wait for the chaos of Black Friday to go shopping this year. Go now—all their Christmas stuff is 50% off!

With that color scheme in mind, go all out in selecting ribbon, beads, bulbs of all sizes and shapes in your color/pattern, and plenty of extras, too. Think flowers, leaves, branches, and other cute accents you can find pursuing the aisles of Hobby Lobby. The options are limitless!

Topping Matters: Don’t Skirt Around It
While you’re on your shopping extravaganza, don’t forget to snag a show-stopping tree topper that will complete your new theme. Choose something that really finishes the look, and is the appropriate size for your tree. Don’t choose something that looks too large that will dwarf the size of your tree, and also be weary of selecting something that is too small.

It’s important to snag the tree skirt while you’re at it. Choose a look that again complements the size of your newfound tree, and also matches your new color scheme/pattern.

And, Finally--Let’s Decorate It!
Now that you’re armed and dangerous with all the beauty that is the Christmas season from Hobby Lobby, you’re all set to get to decorating! Turn on those Christmas tunes, make some hot chocolate, and follow these simple steps to decorating that gorgeous on-theme tree with these 5 easy steps:

1. Ribbon and garland first. Make it easier on yourself. Do this first, wrap it all around your tree. I usually go for a wrap around the width of the tree, but cutting the ribbon and stringing it from the top of the tree to the bottom is a neat look, too—just a bit more involved.

2. From here, start with the bulbs. Place larger bulbs first—since there will be more real estate to work with. Place them prominently, and be sure to spread them evenly throughout the tree—especially if your tree backs to an outside window. Once all larger bulbs are placed, work down to the medium sized bulbs and then smaller ones.

3. Embellishments next. Now that your tree looking pretty decked out and well decorated, add in those extra touches of sprigs of leaves, branches, extra sparkle, flowers, and anything else on-theme. *Note: If your tree is looking a little bare, revisit step 2 and add some more bulbs, and embellishments where needed.

4. Finish off the look with topping the tree, and placing the skirt around the bottom.

5. Save the lighting for last. It’s such a transformation when the tree is lit for the first time. Decorate it fully, and then flip those lights—it’s such a magical time of year, and such a joy to see your beautifully decorated tree in all its joyful glory.

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Love, Joy, + Peace Always,
Megan Nelson, Co-Owner + Founder
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