Best Time Saving Hacks for Busy Women: Part 2

Best Time Saving Hacks for Busy Women: Part 2

Did you catch the first segment of my Best Time Saving Hacks for Busy Women earlier this week? If not, don’t miss it! You can find it right here.


To continue these great tips to maximize your time, while being a great and fully focused mama, keep reading. You’ll essentially be at Wonder Woman status once you’ve read and implemented these bad boys into your daily routine.


Say “no” more often

Yup—I’m totally guilty of not following this one myself, but it’s an absolute must to reaching your goals and sticking with them. You have my full permission—just say “NO!”


Listen to a podcast, inspirational video while exercising

This has been my jam lately. I always want to maximize my time. Listening to a podcast or watching a professional development video while I do some yoga or get in some cardio has been a motivator to do something good for myself while also expanding my mind—love it!


Get your groceries delivered 

Ugh, this one is just so easy. Just push that darn easy button already. You’ll save time, you’ll save money, and most importantly, you’ll save your sanity from taking small children into the grocery store. Because let’s be honest—that’s just nuts!


Shop online 

Same concept as getting those groceries delivered. Just shop online! You can get everything you need, oftentimes with free shipping, plus you only shop for what you actually need instead of being tempted by the dollar section at Target. We all know that is where our wallets go to die!


Batch home projects

This is a hint at the first rendition of this blog, the Best Time Saving Hacks for Busy Women: Part 1. Get that to do list out, determine what all of your home-related projects are. Maybe it’s cleaning out that pesky (and stinky!) mudroom, or finally donating those clothes you’ve been meaning to get rid of for years. Whatever it is, make a list of these projects, set a timer (20 or 30 minutes will do), and go to town! You’ll feel so glad when it’s done, and your house will be less cluttered, too. Win, win!

Got all these down? You go, mama! I’m rooting for you! And if you ever have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. Us mamas on a mission to live better, healthier, more abundant lives have GOT to stick together. I’m here for YOU!


Love, Joy + Oils Always,

Megan Nelson, Owner + Founder

Oil Up Omaha

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The 6 Key Habits You Can't Live Without

The 6 Key Habits You Can't Live Without
“How are YOU doing?” 

Not in Joey Tribbiani’s voice from Friends, but rather think of the question in a sweet and vivacious little girl’s voice. This is a question my 2-year old asks us each day. And, when she asks family and friends, “How are YOU doing?” we usually get the blanket response with a sweet smile, “We’re good. How are you?”

But let’s be real. How are you really? Between orders to stay at home, managing work remotely, and likely doing both simultaneously while at home with kids, things are on a new level of HECTIC.

What level of chaos are you experiencing these days? Our home usually ranges between a 5-7, on a scale of 1, where we’re dreaming of lollipops and unicorns, to a 10 where we’re all breathing fire.

But, I’ve got to be honest, I’m not an average kind of girl, and I don’t love it when our family is mediocrely at a 5-7 on the chaos scale. I would much rather us strive to be at a 2 or a 3, where things are great, everything in the house is mostly in order, we’re almost always on time. 

Let's be real: the craziest thing that could happen at a 2-3 on the chaos-o-meter is that we hit a speedbump at 15 mph instead of at 10 mph, and we’re in a touch of a rush to get out of the house. I can totally deal with that (and strive for it!).

But, what if your family is way over that ideal range of chaos for you? There are some ways you can change it, and I’m here to help.

Here are my Six Best Tips for Living your BEST Life, like RIGHT NOW!!

Are you ready? Let's do it!

#1 Morning routine is key, you guys! You've got to have one. ☀️☀️☀️

#2 exercise. 💪 Whatever this looks like to you, hitting the gym or doing some light yoga, get it in!

#3 Read and grow! 📚 Whether you are reading a great book or listening to your favorite podcast, whatever it is, make time for it!

#4 Eat well. 🥗 We've got to nourish our bodies and fully hydrate our bodies for them to work optimally for us. Put the M&Ms down!

Yes, you read that correctly--there are 6 essential tips for living your best life today.

The last two tips to living your best life now are available in my health and wellness group here.

✅ Don't miss them! This is all you need to have the best day ever, and officially get that chaos at a manageable level TODAY!! 🎉🎉🎉

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Are you Balling like Mark Cuban, or Binging on Ramen Noodles?

Are you Balling like Mark Cuban, or Binging on Ramen Noodles?

How do you feel about your personal finances? 

Are you well on your way to balling like Mark Cuban from Shark Tank, or are you rocking your jammies on the couch while eating your 2nd serving of Ramen Noodles for the day? (No judgment here—we’ve all been there!)


But, there is a better way to live. And I’m not talking about just surviving, but thriving!


Have you ever dreamed of living healthy and abundantly? This is my mission for myself, my family, and everyone I meet. I know this is achievable with just a few simple swaps and conscious decisions each day.


Will some of it be hard? Sure! What’s worth having that isn’t a little challenging? But, I’m here for you each step of the way, and I believe that you, too, can and WILL achieve a life of health, wealth, + abundance—all while staying within budget.


So, ready to roll? I am running a totally free 3-day challenge in my health and wellness Facebook community. No tricks, no gimmicks, just a budget-friendly, living well challenge to get you, your health, and your finances on track to achieve a life of health, wealth + abundance. 


Today’s task? It’s simple. Take just 5-10 minutes and jot down your responses to the following questions.


Step 1. 

Really take some time to think through what it means to you to be healthy and well. Is it eating better, eliminating sugar, exercising more, being more mindful, or something else? It can be one of these, all of them, or something else entirely—YOU decide. Write it down! And if you’re an accountability kind of pal, send it my way. I’d love to hear from you!


Step 2. 

What does it LOOK like for you to live healthy + well while on a budget? Does that mean that you buy healthy items in bulk and split with a friend? Do you DIY clean and natural household products to save money? Do you workout at home vs. paying for a gym membership? Really think through each element of this and—you guessed it—write it down! Again, send this my way. It would be great to hear your thoughts!


Thirsty for more? You’re in luck—day 2 is right around the corner, and will be available in my community. Jump in on the challenge in my Facebook group. 

Wishing you health, wealth, + abundance always!

Megan Nelson, Owner + Founder

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