Love your Home Again: Fall Edition

Love your Home Again: Fall Edition
By: Megan Nelson, Co-Owner + Founder of Nest with the Nelsons

It’s a well-known fact that throughout the process of design, it is guaranteed that you’ll hit some speed bumps along the way that require a few (hundred) deep breaths. While frustrating, these dilemmas are what inevitably bring us closer to our final product! All it takes is some creative planning, patience, and the determination to complete a room you enjoy instead of settling for something less.

Take a peek at a few of our best tips to freshen up your space this fall and truly love your home again. Oh, and be sure to read to the very end of this blog. ***There’s a special announcement for 2023 you won’t want to miss!

Grab your chunky throw blanket, your favorite hot latte, and cozy up for a great read. Sip, sip, and enjoy!

Time to Edit
With the season’s changing, this is nature’s way of telling us we are about to experience a shift. It’s also an excellent time to edit your current wardrobe, your pantry, and your home decor. Still have some furniture from college in your spare bedroom? Now is the time to donate it to someone who really needs it. I promise you – you do not!

When the Weather Changes …
So should your design! It has been brisk and quite chilly here in Nebraska this week. Along with the weather, your home decor should also change. Unbury those throw blankets (the thick, chunky knit ones like this are our personal favs!), swap out those more delicate pillows for some thicker, deeper and moody colors, and add in some punches of color inspired by the natural fall leaves. What a gorgeous combo!

Need a Visual?
Use Pinterest boards to your advantage by saving different ideas that you think work well together. Create a board for each room or zone of your home that needs some extra love these days. Sometimes, when you see two things next to each other on your Pinterest board, you may realize that while separately they’re beautiful, together they just don’t work. It's better to find out through Pinterest than after a big purchase process. Instead, start with the bigger things such as furniture, area rugs, and curtains, and then move into the little things that pull the room together. It’s much easier to move around an art piece than an entire couch. Here's our Pinterest board for some inspiration. 

And then, there’s that Empty, Awkward Space -- UGH!
It happens when you’re in the final stages of a new room, and you realize you may have neglected a space or two. Your furniture fits perfectly, and you’re happy with the colors of the room, but you can’t help but immediately look at the space that is screaming at you to fill up. It can be a corner space that sits next to the dresser or a blank wall that needs some love. The best way to tackle this is by taking a step back and analyzing the room. Before you go out and buy a placeholder just for the sake of filling up the space, see what you can rearrange in the room. Moving a desk or plant ever so slightly to the side can sometimes do the trick.

If there’s a blank space on the wall and you’re not looking to buy art, try including more textured items to the room. Start with a rug or throw pillows that tend to catch your eye first. Lighting is always an option, too, especially for rooms that do not have an overhead light. Each room should be unique to your comfort level, so remember to never settle for decor that does the trick but you don’t actually love.

You know Nest with the Nelsons has your back when you are in the depths of your personal design dilemma. Whether you’re looking to freshen up just one room, or looking to do a full-on first floor gut job, we’re here to help.

And, since you’re already an insider, we’ve got to let you in on the inside scoop …
Nest with the Nelsons is increasing their prices as of January 1, 2023. What does that mean for you exactly? If you were thinking about maybe refreshing your home at any point soon, NOW is the time to bank some interior design hours. The good news? You can purchase them now, at our current rate, and use them now or save them for the new year!!

Need to know more? Simply send us an email at or connect with us on social media. We can’t wait to help you refresh your home!

Happy designing and happy fall, y’all!

Megan Nelson, Co-Owner + Founder
Nest with the Nelsons 

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