5 Simple Steps to the Perfect Fall Porch

5 Simple Steps to the Perfect Fall Porch
Fall is my favorite time of year here in Nebraska. The crisp breeze is so refreshing, the scorching heat of summer is finally behind us, and you don’t have to look far to find pumpkins or pumpkin flavored anything. Not to mention, the leaves changing colors, the smell of the fall air, and beautiful décor all around. It’s seriously heavenly.

To make things even sweeter for you this time of year, grab a pumpkin spice latte, cuddle up with a chunky woven fall-colored blanket, and enjoy this season’s trends to crafting that perfect porch. You’re in for a true fall treat.

Hey there, Pumpkin!
Pumpkins can literally be found everywhere you look these days. At your local market on the corner, a produce stand down the street, and even at the hardware store. Grab yourself a basket, or a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and hues, and have some fun. If you’re traditionally an orange pumpkin kind of pal, I dare you to get a fun-colored pumpkin instead. They’re just so fun!

Bushels of Barley
While you’re grabbing those pumpkins (and those adorable little gourds are pretty awesome, too), be sure to grab a few bushels of barley, wheat, or a couple hay bales while you’re at it. They will really liven up your outdoor fall scape. Not something you would normally grab? Me either … until I learned how stinking cute a bushel of barley can be near your front door. Trust me on this one. Grab at least one.

Door Mats are a Must
Now is not the time to bail here on your beautiful fall décor. You’re so close to having a super cute and completely fall porch full of pumpkins. Grab at least two door mats. One that is a bit larger, spread for your porch. I’m loving the black and white plaid look these days. Then layer another, smaller thatch rug on top of it to complete the look. I’m loving this one! 

Don’t Forget Your Door
Add a beautiful fall wreath or sign on your front door, and you’re nearly set for the perfectly fall porch scape. I’m always a fan of inviting door signs and big punchy fall-inspired wreaths. I’m also a sucker for the magnolia leaf look that can take you well into the winter months.

Bring it all Together
Now is the time to bring all these touches together for a truly fall-inspired porch. Arrange those pumpkins in bunches of three or more. Mix in the fun colors, shapes, and sizes. The more variety and contrast, the better. Attach a bushel or two to your hand railings leading up to your porch, a beam, and nestle taller stocks in the corners of your porch. Lay out those beautiful new mats. The larger, more graphic pattern goes down first, then layer that cute as a pumpkin smaller mat on top. Lastly, hang that cute new fall wreath on your front door. Add a plaid bow if it needs another little pop.

Then sit back with your pumpkin spice latte and enjoy your beautiful new fall-inspired porch. Good work, beautiful—you did it!

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