The Resolutions Are IN!

Many of us started out the New Year with a fresh perspective, some goals in mind, and a strong opinion that we don’t want to revisit 2020.
But, how are those goals coming along? Are you already feeling "off pace?"
Relaxing, finding your center, and tuning in to what really matters most will help you stay the course to achieving your goals ahead—no matter how big or small they may be.  
I recently started watching The Home Edit, per some strong recommendations from girlfriends, and the results are in—it’s a MUST-SEE! From organizing the pantry, to the closet, and everywhere in between, following their method of: edit, organize, contain, and maintain has been extraordinary. This new-to-us method is a breath of fresh air in our home, and allows us to feel completely relaxed, renewed, and relaxed in our home.
Have we done every room of our home? Nope … not yet. But, there is no denying--the method of editing and organizing our space has been wonderful.
Would I call it a game-changer?! Absolutely!!
Along with plenty of goals to simplify our routine, slow down and be in the moment, and reorganize our home, it’s also a goal of ours to live healthy + well. Easier said than done, I know.
A sweet college friend, Amy and I recently reconnected, and her blog, the Country Road 5280 is totally inspiring me today (and always!).
Her recent blog outlines the goals she has for her home, and how she plans to reduce, reuse, and simplify her home in 2021, all while achieving her ultimate goal of being sustainable. She rocks, and so does her blog!

I can’t wait to implement some of her sustainable hacks, and share a few of my own oily tips + tricks to achieve an uber-relaxed, efficient, and sustainable home of my own. 

News flash--you can do it, too! 
Catch a few of my tips and tricks to achieve this {mostly} stress-free lifestyle. Promise—you won’t want to miss these time-saving, money-saving hacks.

And, while you’re at it, you should probably browse my favorite products to help achieve this lifestyle, too.

Enjoy + happy browsing!
Love, Joy + Oils Always,
Megan Nelson, Owner + Founder
Oil Up Omaha 
Member ID: 10489847
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New Year, New You: Yoga Edition

2020 is Wrapping Up (FINALLY)!!!
The New Year and a new fresh perspective with brand spanking new goals is right around the corner. WOOHOOO!!!
As such, we’re dropping our New Year, New You Series TODAY!
We’ll continue dropping content each week now through January. This content is so sweet, you simply cannot miss it. Not to mention, it’s the perfect pairing to rock your New Year, and all of those awesome New Year’s resolutions ahead.  
Catch the full lineup of the New Year, New You series seen first here on the Blissful Mom Blog.

For this first week of content, I’m ecstatic to introduce my sweet friend and the ultimate Yogi herself, Amy Kaspar of Country Road 5280
Ever wonder if you’re really striking those yoga poses the right way? 
News flash: There is a right and a wrong way. No worries—I’m learning here, too. 
Another epiphany, perhaps, for some: Along with the proper poses in yoga, there’s some added benefits when you pair it with 100% pure essential oils, too. 
And no, I’m not referring to any of that “stuff” you can pick up at the store. I’m talking about the good stuff that you can only get from real people on a mission to live happier, healthier lives. 

By using 100% pure, real essential oils from a reputable source while practicing yoga can provide the ultimate healing, restorative, and stress-relieving setting as we welcome in the New Year. 
I don’t know about you, but we’re all in need of help in this area these days. 
So, let’s get your downward dog on, put on your favorite yoga pants, and blast some essential oils. 
It’s time to strike a pose, relieve some stress, and get a little workout in while you’re at it. 
Cheers to the New Year ahead! 
Looking forward to you jumping back on the blog next week for the next edition of the New Year, New You Series. See you then! 
Love, Joy + Oils Always,
Megan Nelson, Owner + Founder

p.s. ready to learn more? your free resource awaits!

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Let's Start with Your Heart ...

Let's Start with Your Heart ...

My faith has always been something I have fought for. 


Even from a young age, my faith has been a cornerstone in my life that has helped me make difficult decisions, guided me through the good times + the bad, + shaped me into the person I am today—a strong + compassionate mama looking to make a mark on the world by helping people just like you choose better + live more healthy, vibrant, + fulfilling lives. 


I'm thrilled to announce that a sweet friend of mine, Chelsea Bailey + I will be offering Heart Workshop, combining the power of essential oils + scripture. 🙌❤️🙏

Chelsea will be sharing her love + passion for Jesus + the scripture as she leads us through her 5-day Heart Workshop bible study. I’ll be pairing this goodness with tips of using essential oils to help you find a place of grounding + peace along the way.


Chelsea + I will be going live in my private Facebook group every morning the week of September 14-18 at 9:00 AM CST.

This workshop is free + open to anyone who desires to grow spiritually + learn about oils.

If this isn't for you, no worries!

We’re so looking forward to teaming up + offering this exclusive + totally free Heart Workshop for you. Feel free to invite friends, grab some coffee, + join us virtually September 14. I have a good feeling this is an event you simply can’t resist! 

In case you need it once more, here’s the link to register.

We can’t wait to see you live in my private Facebook group September 14! 


Love + Oils Always, 


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Stop the Hamster Wheel of Chaos. Get Healthy NOW!

Stop the Hamster Wheel of Chaos. Get Healthy NOW!
Do you ever feel like this? You're on an unending, out of control ride, that you simply can't get off of? You can't stop it. It just keeps going, going, going ... 

I think we've all been there, but the last couple of months have amplified this feeling 1,000 times over. Am I right?! 

I came across some startling stats the other day that I just can't help but share. American's behavior has changed drastically over the past couple of months. And I'm sure you can guess, the behaviors are not great. In fact, they are downright destructive. 

Are you falling prey to any of these behaviors lately? I know we have definitely felt the negative effects of these bad habits in our home, too: 

Can you relate to any of this? Don't feel bad--I think we can ALL relate. But what can you do about it?

The good news? YOU have control. You can change things around, and I have something that can help ... LIKE TODAY!

Let's chat! I have a totally free 14-Day challenge happening right HERE in my members-only group to reinvigorate good, healthy habits, and help you kick those 1,000 trips to the kitchen. Hurry--the challenge starts SOON!!!!

Cheers to better, more positive health + wellness choices ahead!

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Kick the bad habits. Get healthy. Just read this! (2 min)

Kick the bad habits. Get healthy. Just read this! (2 min)

I have not always been on a health and wellness journey. Oh no! I started at a very low place. 


When I was in college, I was very much in survival mode. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I suppose most of us were in those days, but my journey was especially harmful and toxic to my health. 😫😫😫

I made terrible food decisions, drank ALL the sugary coffee I could get my hands on, and had no healthy habits in place whatsoever. I was running after my collegiate goals, getting great grades, and involved in everything under the sun, but my health was a complete mess! ☠️❌♨️


I was a total mess mentally, emotionally, and physically, too. To be honest, it was just completely exhausting. And, I felt terrible (and didn't look so great, either!). 


Can you relate?

Fast forward to today and my health and wellness goals are my ultimate mission. Because if we don't have our health and our wellness, what do we really have? 🤷🏻‍♀️


I know I need to set out and be a positive role model for my children, my husband, and our entire family.


I share this today because I want to let all of you know that everyone has different starting points. I would say that my starting point was pretty low. I still have a long way to go to achieve my ultimate health and wellness goals but I'm certainly on the right track. 🎉 


I would love to help you get back on track, too! I have the perfect thing to jump-start your journey to feeling (and looking!) your best.


Let's do it together through my Ningxia Red Challenge starting soon!! 💪❤️🙌 

No clue what I'm talking about? Catch all the Ningxia Red goodness here. And send your questions my way. I want to help you crush your health and wellness goals. I know we can do it together!


I’d love to help plug you into this FREE challenge! Simply zip me an email at, and I'll get you all hooked up. Hurry--spots are limited + we're rocking and rolling SOON!


I can’t wait for you to join us. This is going to change your life for the better. 


Talk soon, my oily friends! 


Love, Joy + Oils Always,

Megan | Member ID: 10489847

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