It was like Christmas ... an honest review from an oily member

Get a glimpse at what my oily tribe is saying in this honest + totally open review of their first experience using essential oils. 
Tessa Adams, Creative Writing and English teacher, blogger, and local super mama writes an honest and totally open review of her first-time experience with essential oils. Learn about how this busy mama on a mission to live happy, healthy, and well uses oils on the daily. 

Here's what Tessa has to say ...

I started my official Young Living journey in June 2020 as a birthday present from my husband, but my love for these amazing oils began when I walked into the chiropractor for the first time years before. Walking in, I was welcomed by the most incredible scent. When I inquired about it, the massage therapist told me she was diffusing Abundance. From that moment on, I was a believer. I was fortunate enough to run into Megan multiple times at Omaha Mom’s Blog events. When I was ready to take the plunge into this health journey, I contacted her right away. Megan was so patient with me as I had a million questions, and she answered all of them. I am so thankful for her help in getting started.
Starter Kit
When I received my starter kit it was like Christmas. I was brand new to oils, and I had no idea what I was looking at with the kit. Afterall, I was really just after Abundance. However, the literature that accompanies the kit helps beginners. I started using Peace and Calm right away. I used it as a topical oil and a diffuser scent. I think I ran out of it the first month due to the pandemic. Who didn’t need some Peace and Calm this summer, right? Our favorite quarantine recipe was:
Peace and Calm
Citrus Blend
Topical Uses
I have some Jojoba Oil that I use to make topical oils. I loved using Peace and Calm, Lavender, and Abundance in this way. In addition, I am raising a couple of baseball players, so we tried PanAway for massaging sore muscles after double headers.  Raven has been fun to diffuse in our house as the temperature turned colder outside, but we have also put some drops of Raven into the shower and on the bottom of little feet for sore throats or congestion. It works like a charm to loosen up our sinuses.
Cleaning Options
Megan walked me through many options in the starter kit, and my favorite, practical products would have to be Thieves cleaner and Purification. Thieves cleaner smells so good, is versatile, and lasts forever. I purchased some glass spray bottles off of Amazon. I keep one bottle upstairs and one on our main level. In addition, my garbage disposal and trash can get smelly, so I sprinkle a little purification into them, and my house smells neutralized and clean. 
Classroom Blends
Because I have been in a classroom all year, with hundreds of my favorite young people, keeping healthy has been a priority. During our first semester, I didn’t even miss a class period for illness. I have to believe my use of oils may have helped in that arena. For my students, I have been researching recipes all year. They love the following diffuser blends the most:
Peace and Calm
My journey with Young Living started with Abundance. Since that day, I have been having a blast trying new recipes, discovering cleaning products, and living a healthy life. I’m thankful that I took the steps I did to get more familiar with the benefits of an oily life. It’s a journey that has helped me, my family, and my students live abundantly. 

Tessa, I'm so very grateful for YOU! Thank you for your honest review of your oily lifestyle. I'm blessed to have you as a member of our oily tribe. Thank you!! 

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Wishing you all the best on your healthy home journey, 

Megan Nelson, Owner + Founder
Oil Up Omaha
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