Hello Holidays: Tips for Making Your Home Warm + Welcoming

Hello, Holidays: Tips for Making Your Home Warm + Welcoming
By: Alicia Hall, Strategic Communications Intern, Nest with the Nelsons

The season of hospitality draws near as daylight fades more quickly into the thick of winter! As the temperature drops, a hot cup of joe in a welcoming home can be your holiday miracle. An atmosphere that brings holiday cheer and leaves you with the perfect space to rest easy will be worthwhile. Smile through this season’s greeting in a home that warmly welcomes your cold nose at the doorstep, along with friends and family that have traveled miles to see you! An inviting interior can be just as cozy as your chunky knitted throw, elevating your experiences after festivities in the wintery outdoors. Make your beautiful dreamland come to life with a spacious layout, comfy textures, brightly warm lighting, wintery aromas, to freshly-cut flowers illuminating the hallway! Wrap yourself in your favorite sherpa, as we embark on a journey to envision your new and improved inviting abode.

Making Money in 3, 2, 1 Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered how to make a little extra money?
Maybe you have your sights set on a new outfit, a family vacation, or you’re ready to upgrade that ol’ car. Whatever it is, there are so many ways to reach that financial goal from home these days.
Making some extra dough on the side is on my mind constantly. I’m that kind of person. Always wanting to improve myself, improve our situation, and reach for more. It’s just in my DNA.
So, I’ve done a good amount of research to do just that—earn some extra money, fast.

How to Survive Working from Home Without Losing Your Mind

Working from home has so many perks! The flexibility is amazing, you can essentially set your own hours, and you can throw in a load of laundry (and maybe even exercise) while you’re in another Zoom meeting.
But this new working from home gig can also be dangerous, and a pitfall to your work-life balance.
What is this work-life balance you speak of?
I know, right?! It has been nearly impossible (for me, at least!) to strike a work-life balance while working full-time from home, running a business, keeping the house afloat, and the kids entertained. It is A LOT to juggle.
And, I’ve got to be honest, I’m used to having a ton of irons in the fire. This working from home full-time thing has definitely thrown me for a loop.
But, since March 2020, I have learned a fair deal of tips and tricks to make things a bit smoother and more efficient for every member of our family.
Catch my top 3 tips for maximizing your work time while at home, striking a good balance with the kiddos by your side, and not totally losing your mind.
Ready to dive in?! Here we go!
1. Plan Things Out … The Night BEFORE
This trick works for me time and time again. Plan out your day, and prep as much as you can the night before to maximize your workday. Lay out your clothes for the day, and the kids’ clothes, too. Pack any lunches or plan out meals ahead of time, if possible. Set your coffee mug out, and your workout stuff, too. Get your workstation all set the night before, too. Any little tasks that you may dread first-thing in the morning, take care of those. Your morning and your productivity will thank you!
2. Block Your Time
This is another tip you can do the night before, or the week before, if you’re feeling ambitious. Block your time so you know exactly what needs to happen each hour you’re awake. Notice I say each hour you’re awake there … not only the hours you’re planning to work. Map it all out—taking the kids to school, your virtual meetings, exercise time, lunch—all of it! This will give you a realistic picture of how much time you actually have to work with.
3. Stay Positive
Now this may be easier said than done. I get it! When it’s 9:00 AM, you’ve been up for 3 hours, and you’ve gotten NOTHING done on your to do list. However, a bad attitude is not going to serve you. Put those positive pants on, re-fill your coffee, and pump some essential oils into your workspace. Your mindset and your long list of work to-dos will thank you. And, you’ll feel better, too!

What tips are you using these days to survive your work from home time? I can’t wait to hear from you!

Love, Joy + Oils Always,
Megan Nelson, Owner + Founder
Oil Up Omaha
Member ID: 10489847

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