Holiday Hosting Essentials

Holiday Hosting Essentials
By: Megan Nelson, Co-Owner + Founder of Nest with the Nelsons

Newsflash! The way your home looks matters. Not just to your aunt Sally or your mother-in-law. No, it matters to YOU, too! The way your home looks is a testament to the way you feel about yourself, the pride you take in your home, and the beauty of your home can even elevate our mood.

So, as we approach the hectic nature of the holidays, let’s refresh your space to make the best of the holiday hosting ahead! Let’s start with the main event …

The First Impressions
Your front door says so much about your home – make the first impression of your home a good one. Be sure that your door has a cute wreath, and that your porch is swept of dust, branches, and leaves. If it’s already snowing where you live, be sure to shovel off any snow or dusting, and be sure to put down icy melt if the weather conditions call for it.

The winter months ahead can also present difficulty for your guests to find your home. Make your house numbers really stand out with a beautiful Entry Envy sign to make finding your house a breeze.

Snacks, Beverages, + Accoutrements
Once your guests arrive, they are making first impressions of your home within the first 30 seconds of hitting your door. Make their memories of your holiday hosting superb, and memorable (for a good reason!) by setting the tone for your fun festivities ahead.

Greet your guests with a wonderful seasonally inspired scent with the use of pure essential oils. I personally love the smell of Cinnamon Bark, Orange, and Vanilla this time of year – YUM! Play some fun, casual, and inviting music. Have snacks and appetizers ready for guests as soon as they hit the door, and be sure to have the wine, sparkling water, and any other beverages flowing by the time your guests arrive.

The Main Attraction
After having some time to welcome all of your guests, allow everyone to properly hydrate and get settled for the fun ahead, and invite all of your guests to the main event – the dinner! There can be a lot of pressure to put on a scrumptious holiday meal. So, minimize the stress by planning ahead, and having smashing decor to compliment your delicious dishes.

Make sure you’ve got the essentials covered – a beautifully designed table topped with a seasonal table runner, chargers to match the theme, and gorgeous centerpieces to complete the look. Greenery, a lantern to add some height, a cute saying sign, and some nice napkins wrapped with napkin rings are just what you need to elevate your dining experience. A few of my favorite looks to achieve a stellar table design are included with shoppable links here.

More Importantly …
And, most importantly, sit back, relax, and enjoy the event! Sip some wine, relish in sharing old memories with family and friends, and soak up this wonderful event that you’ve prepped, planned, and successfully thrown. CHEERS!

Make Cleaning a Breeze
You’ve planned and prepped for this amazing event for weeks, and had a smashing event. Now that your guests have left, your house is left in slight shambles. So, make cleaning a breeze with this Thieves cleaning kit, complete with all the essentials you need. Not to mention, this kit is completely toxic free. Yes, please!

Let's Be Real
The holidays are always hectic. This is the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy making memories with friends and family. In the end, if the turkey doesn’t turn out right, and table décor isn’t exactly how you pictured it, don’t stress. At the end of the day, you can still say you were surrounded by family, creating memories to share for a lifetime. Worst comes to worst, you can give it another run at Christmas!

Looking for a completely curated look this holiday season? Here are some of our favorite table decor go-to looks for the season.
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Cheers to the holiday hosting ahead!

Megan Nelson, Co-Owner + Founder
Nest with the Nelsons 

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