What if ...

What if ...

Do you ever catch yourself saying this to yourself over and over again throughout the day?


I catch myself saying it almost ALL THE TIME.


But why? Why do I question myself at every turn? Question every step I take?


Put a stop to the negative self-talk. It is not serving you, and it is NOT building you up. Get this—an article from Psychology Today from a couple of years ago states: 

  • According to the National Science Foundation, the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. 

  • Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before. 

What?! This is out of control. Eighty percent of your thoughts are negative?! I don’t know about you, but I can’t live that way. NO!


Know better. Choose better. Enough is enough, my friend! You can start today. Like, right now! Right here.


Press the easy button to know better and choose better today. There’s nothing holding you back, other than saying YES.


This is your 20 minute guide to living healthier, happier today.


I know what you’re thinking—is this just another pyramid scheme? Is this just a one-off “miracle fix?” NO! No, no, no. I’m not about that, and I’m certainly not transforming lives with one simple fix. Not happening!


That’s the thing. If you do one push up, you’re not now automatically healthy and fit. The same concept comes with my strategy to help you achieve a life of health, wealth, and abundance.


It’s a lifestyle change. It’s a mindset change. Let’s do it together. NOW!


I guarantee you can carve out 20 minutes in your day. If you’re in need of a push, I’ll push. Looking for a cheerleader? I’m rooting for you. Looking for a real-life easy button? PUSH IT NOW.


What’s holding you back? There’s no better time to invest in yourself, your health, your wellness, and your future abundance.


Get going today! I’m here to help.

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Stop the Hamster Wheel of Chaos. Get Healthy NOW!

Stop the Hamster Wheel of Chaos. Get Healthy NOW!
Do you ever feel like this? You're on an unending, out of control ride, that you simply can't get off of? You can't stop it. It just keeps going, going, going ... 

I think we've all been there, but the last couple of months have amplified this feeling 1,000 times over. Am I right?! 

I came across some startling stats the other day that I just can't help but share. American's behavior has changed drastically over the past couple of months. And I'm sure you can guess, the behaviors are not great. In fact, they are downright destructive. 

Are you falling prey to any of these behaviors lately? I know we have definitely felt the negative effects of these bad habits in our home, too: 

Can you relate to any of this? Don't feel bad--I think we can ALL relate. But what can you do about it?

The good news? YOU have control. You can change things around, and I have something that can help ... LIKE TODAY!

Let's chat! I have a totally free 14-Day challenge happening right HERE in my members-only group to reinvigorate good, healthy habits, and help you kick those 1,000 trips to the kitchen. Hurry--the challenge starts SOON!!!!

Cheers to better, more positive health + wellness choices ahead!

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Kick the bad habits. Get healthy. Just read this! (2 min)

Kick the bad habits. Get healthy. Just read this! (2 min)

I have not always been on a health and wellness journey. Oh no! I started at a very low place. 


When I was in college, I was very much in survival mode. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I suppose most of us were in those days, but my journey was especially harmful and toxic to my health. 😫😫😫

I made terrible food decisions, drank ALL the sugary coffee I could get my hands on, and had no healthy habits in place whatsoever. I was running after my collegiate goals, getting great grades, and involved in everything under the sun, but my health was a complete mess! ☠️❌♨️


I was a total mess mentally, emotionally, and physically, too. To be honest, it was just completely exhausting. And, I felt terrible (and didn't look so great, either!). 


Can you relate?

Fast forward to today and my health and wellness goals are my ultimate mission. Because if we don't have our health and our wellness, what do we really have? 🤷🏻‍♀️


I know I need to set out and be a positive role model for my children, my husband, and our entire family.


I share this today because I want to let all of you know that everyone has different starting points. I would say that my starting point was pretty low. I still have a long way to go to achieve my ultimate health and wellness goals but I'm certainly on the right track. 🎉 


I would love to help you get back on track, too! I have the perfect thing to jump-start your journey to feeling (and looking!) your best.


Let's do it together through my Ningxia Red Challenge starting soon!! 💪❤️🙌 

No clue what I'm talking about? Catch all the Ningxia Red goodness here. And send your questions my way. I want to help you crush your health and wellness goals. I know we can do it together!


I’d love to help plug you into this FREE challenge! Simply zip me an email at oilupomaha@gmail.com, and I'll get you all hooked up. Hurry--spots are limited + we're rocking and rolling SOON!


I can’t wait for you to join us. This is going to change your life for the better. 


Talk soon, my oily friends! 


Love, Joy + Oils Always,

Megan | Member ID: 10489847

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