I get so many questions or comments like this: “I just don’t know what to do with them.”
I hear it time and time again. And honestly, it makes me so sad.
My family, friends, clients, and best buddies across the web just don’t know how to capitalize on the power of essential oils.
Either they don’t have the time to zero in on the goodness, or they simply don’t know where to start. If you’re in this boat, please stand up. You are not alone, and I want this to stop now.
I can no longer stand by and watch my family and friends suffer from illness, ailments, and overall poor health, simply because they haven’t tapped into the crazy power and goodness of oils.
So, that stops today.
Instead, listen up, grab a notepad and pen, and get ready to improve your health and wellness today.
When you first wake up … oil up. 
Seriously. It’s the best time to start fresh, with your best intentions at top of mind. Why not have the first thing you do be something healthy? Grab an oil, dab it on your face, neck, and arms after washing your face. I love using Gratitude, Abundance, White Angelica, Valor, or Joy for my morning routine. {Yes, these are all oils. And yes, they help you get into a headspace to achieve just how they sound. Absolutely yes, you need each and every one of these!}
Get it pumping … 
Sure, that could mean your exercise routine, or your morning music. But, most importantly {for your health and your mood!} load up that diffuser and get it pumping throughout your home or office. Some of my go-to morning diffuser blends include:
  • citrus fresh and peppermint
  • envision and spearmint
  • motivation and orange
  • valor and joy
These are just a few that I’ve come to LOVE. There are literally endless combinations. Best part? There’s already a starter pack organized for the beginner in mind.

Keep them on you … 
Yes, I definitely want you to keep your clothes on! But what I’m really after is you keeping your health and wellness at an optimal place all day long. News flash:  Think about all the stuff you carry in your purse every day—lip balm, lotion, snacks, gum, wallet, hand sanitizer {all of it!}, hair ties, stuff for the kids, maybe some pain relievers, and so much more. These are all of the important items that we want to have “just in case.” Well honey, add oils to that just in case list now, too. Promise you’ll need them!
Here are a few of the oils I never leave the house without:
  • digize {supports digestion + upset tummies}
  • thieves {because germs}
  • lavender {ouchies, scrapes for the kids}
  • frankincense {chill out for me + the kids}
  • stress away {enough said}
I just can’t stress this enough: carry them with you, silly! They are little bottles of gold. Treat them that way by using your oily stash each and every day. And for goodness sake, leave them out around your house—in your kitchen, in your bathroom, the kids’ rooms, in the laundry room—they have a place everywhere in our homes. Treat them that way!
Feeling lost? Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? 
My friend, I’m here for YOU. Send me an email, shoot me a text, find me on Facebook/Instagram. I’m here to help you get the most out of your oils and improve your health and wellness. Let’s do it together!
Wishing you all the best on your oily journey. Can’t wait to chat soon!
Love, Joy + Oils Always,
Megan Nelson, Owner + Founder
Oil Up Omaha
Member ID: 10489847

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