Before + After: Powder Room Edition

I’m beyond excited to share our powder room makeover. It was such a fun project, and one that we’ve dreamed of tackling for years now.

Welp, we finally made the plunge and jumped into the renovations … and the results were even more fun, inspired, and decadent than we imagined.

But, before we dive in, an important note here … when I say powder room, I’m sure most of you think of a mid-size bathroom on the main floor of a home. No tub, no shower, just the necessities for a bathroom that’s used frequently.

But, in our case, this powder room is a new version of teeny-tiny. It’s barely three feet wide, and does not offer any extra wiggle room. NONE! Oh, and there’s no storage … at all.

So, now that we’ve set the stage for the tight space, let’s get into the renovation.

When we moved into our home, the powder room was a lilac pastel color that looked like it was straight out of your grandmother’s house. It had no extra embellishments, boring lighting, a very standard oval-shaped mirror that was nothing to write home about. But, what it did have was a 1920’s looking pedestal sink topped with silver and gold faucet handles. Yup, silver and gold. One bright, harsh-looking metal was not enough.

These are actually the faucets that lurked in every bathroom in our home. Needless to say, I was on a mission to change them out over time, and they were mocking me at every turn. This is a story for a future blog post.

Now that you know where we’re coming from, let’s dive into the goodness of the current state of our new and improved GREEN powder room.

Yes, I said green. It’s like a royal, emerald green that you might find in the Wizard of Oz. In case you didn’t know me as a child, this was my FAVORITE movie, so perhaps that’s what inspired the bold (and unusual for me) color choice. But, I love it!

Perfectly complementing the bold choice of the green, we switched out the boring canned light above our sink for a decadent, diamond-shaped industrial looking pendant with an Edison bulb. We swapped out our roaring 20’s pedestal for a traditional and farmhouse-inspired vanity (with storage—score!) that’s topped with a nice gray-speckled granite counter top—it’s so me. We found brass nickel-finished faucets that were all of $30, and called it a day.

And, of course, the décor! It was so much fun completing our project with still an oval-shaped mirror, but one with a bit more opulence, cute farmhouse-chic pictures, and a magnolia-inspired wreath made of lambs ear, that I added some beaded fringe to in the middle. We rounded out the renovation with a sign that meets our family vision perfectly right now that reads, “Live simply.”

Our Bathroom Now
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Wishing you a great week ahead! Until next time, my friends,

Megan Nelson, Co-Owner + Founder
Nest with the Nelsons

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