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Nest with the Nelsons, we treat you fairly. We want all of our clients to have a wonderful experience, no matter your home interior design expertise (or lack there of!).
We’re launching our business with virtual sessions. Why, you may ask? Because we’re able to fully grasp the essence of your home, all while working efficiently and effectively, based on your schedule. Time saved is a big deal to us, and we’re sure it is to you, too!

We coach you every step of the way. YES—we help empower you so YOU can too learn how to utilize your space best, choose furnishings that work best for your personal style and your home, and help you work through organizing your space and keeping it that way!

All of this allows us to keep costs down while providing you a premiere, customized home interior, and home organization service.
And, for many of you reading this, maybe home interior design is completely overwhelming to you. You don’t know where to start, you don’t know how to design your space, and you certainly don’t know where to get all of the stuff to make it happen.
So, for those of you who are completely lost when it comes to home interiors, or if you’re totally IN LOVE with all-things home design, we’ve got a fun 2-minute quiz for you.

Looking for a little extra guidance? Check out these resources...

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