Enhance Your Home Today: Here's How
By: Alicia Hall, Strategic Communications Intern, Nest with the Nelsons 

Designing a home that’s both functional and in style can be a difficult task when you have an incomplete vision. Luckily, there are professionals that can guide you through this! Interior designers help you understand what your needs are and will incorporate them seamlessly into your living space. Designers are trained to formulate the most suitable home layout for your comfort and needs within budget. Hiring an interior designer is worth it, if you’re willing to collaborate and take time to make all your design elements come to life! This article will give you the inside scoop on why hiring an interior designer is beneficial to your design objectives for a curated and beautiful home.

Major Renovations
There are various aspects of design that need to be considered for major renovations. Smaller details can be easily overlooked throughout the design process. However, an interior designer will guide you through an effective plan, so both large and small details of your vision work cohesively. It’s almost like planning the perfect wedding – there are so many smaller aspects of the day that need to be planned out leading to the main course of events. Similarly to a curated ceremony, there are minor and major elements that make up the functionality and style of your home. If you’re concerned about the way to approach a multitude of elements, an interior designer will provide this foundation for you!

Staying Within Budget
An interior designer will know the most reasonable way to approach renovations. They’ll help you stay within budget, while creating a space that feels like home. If you’re looking to have a high-end tub, they may suggest spending more money for this whilst helping you stay within budget for other aspects of your bathroom. They will collaborate with your desires and use their knowledge to invest in pieces of value. Not only can they help you stay within budget, but collaborating with an interior designer may get you better rates with shipping companies and wholesale products. This can be a great benefit in expensive retail environments.
Interview with Megan, Nest with the Nelsons, Co-Founder
I asked Nest with the Nelsons co-founder, Megan Nelson, a few questions as an interior design insider.

What qualities should you look for in an interior designer before hiring one?
Hiring someone who you honestly feel comfortable with, you appreciate their design style, and you can count on them are totally crucial elements to hiring an interior designer. They should also have open lines of communication and easy ways to connect with them throughout the process.

What benefits and special deals do clients receive when working with Nest with the Nelsons?
When clients work with us at Nest with the Nelsons, they can be rest assured that they are getting a luxury design experience for a fraction of the cost. We treat our customers as our very own family and friends and expect the best for them throughout the design process. And, for many of our clients, they do become dear friends after working together. We have high expectations for ourselves, and that certainly transcends through our design, our delivery of projects, and our work ethic.

When clients work with us, they have an excellent blend of virtual interior design, along with an in-person opportunity. When our clients purchase larger design packages with us, they also receive greater per hour discounts and more perks to working closer and side-by-side with us.

How does Nest with the Nelsons offer their services? What does your company offer that other interior designers don’t?
Nest with the Nelsons primarily focuses on virtual interior design. However, more recently, we have ventured into offering in person, touch base sessions to kickstart design projects. This is a wonderful combination of blending our virtual design at a very competitive rate paired with our wonderful and personalized approach to see and experience your home right alongside you.

In addition to our virtual approach to design, we do not have any minimums required to work with us. Because of that, we want to achieve the absolute best design for you, and that does not matter what store the items might be coming from. 

We also just started offering client's the chance to submit a design dilemma to share a pain point within their home for an opportunity to be featured on how to solve their design conundrum in our exclusive Love Your Home Again Facebook group

What do you love most about your company?
I love the opportunity to truly transform our clients' homes. We get to see their spaces in new ways with a new fresh perspective. I love the brainstorming phase where we get to explore new ideas and really imagine our clients' spaces in ways that they could never dream of. Then, the opportunity to truly bring those experiences to life is unmatched.

Did we mention we love working with people? Our clients are phenomenal, and we just can't get enough of delivering a premier luxury interior design service to them, all based on the comfort of their own home and work within their budget. It is seriously the best!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Nest with the Nelsons or yourself?
Our path to interior design is completely non-conventional. However, it might be a bit more common than you realize. I started out exploring the aisles of Hobby Lobby from a very young age with my mom. I have always loved updating spaces in our home, finding new ways to arrange our furniture, and trying new fun little pops of color here and there. I've done this since I was a very little girl and still enjoy and love it today. My passion is fueled by helping people see their spaces in a new fresh perspective, and to truly make their homes feel like their own. We are on a mission to help homeowners love their homes again, whether they've been in their space for five months or twenty five years, we are here to help them every step of the way through our interior design process. We cannot wait to have the pleasure of working with you!

The Bigger Picture
Hiring an interior designer will help you see the bigger picture for your future layout! Like Megan shares, Nest with the Nelsons desires to transform a space into a client's vision brilliantly. Space planning and stylistic designs are what they know best! If you’re looking to spice up your home, consider an interior designer to make your dreams come to life. ✨

Ready to take the next step?
Schedule your totally free, no obligation 15-minute consultation to learn more! 

Have a great week ahead!

Megan Nelson, Co-Owner + Founder
Nest with the Nelsons


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