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How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry
By: Alicia Hall, Strategic Communications Intern, Nest with the Nelsons

Are you constantly coming back to a tornado of kitchen essentials? If so, it’s time to treat yourself to an organized array of pantry items! There’s nothing better than enjoying a day with organized stock. If you’re hungry, you shouldn’t have to hangrily dig for necessities to later realize you can’t find your favorite snack. You deserve to cook with all your favorite items in a heartbeat! Whether it's a sweet jar of pickles or ingredients that make a sweet and savory treat, this article will help you sort out your favorite goodies in no time. Stick around to learn helpful tips to organize your pantry from the process of discarding items, keeping essentials easily-accessible, to advice for an aesthetically beautiful kitchen!

Discarding Items
The best way to start organizing is with a clear-slate. This gives you the opportunity to start fresh from items that simply take up space. Be certain to keep only your essentials, so that food isn't wasted! That way, you can stock up on what your storage allows. Imagine waking up to only your favorite foods without having to worry about that old jar of Vegemite picking up dust in the corner! Isn’t that amazing? Keeping what you need will make it less of an effort to organize around items that don’t serve a purpose for daily meals. Donate to your local food pantries to make better use of your personal storage and to positively serve your community! If you have items that you use occasionally, have a basket labeled as backstock. This will make it so you don’t accidentally repurchase the same items. Another pro tip is to rotate your stock when you see fit, so that all your groceries are utilized!

If you’re local to Omaha, our go-to pantry donation site is the St. Vincent de Paul Divine Mercy Pantry at 144th and Maple.


Airtight Food Storage Containers
Airtight food storage containers work wonders for items bought in bulk. They keep food from going stale, so that you can enjoy what you love most! Airtight containers can be bought in sets to keep all your kitchen essentials organized and uniform. Keeping goods in glass or clear plastic containers will make your life easier so that you know what you have. When you're feeling snacky, you’ll know what to grab in no time! A great storage container is this easy storage set. If you already have containers that aren’t clear, use washi tape to label them.

Spice Rack
Getting frustrated from constantly losing track of your spices? A spice rack is for you! Getting your hands on a handy spice rack will elevate your cooking game. Rotating spice racks will keep your seasonings visible and compactly organized. Other types may lay out your spices horizontally, keeping all seasonings properly visible. Label the top of your spice jars in your organizers and keep the tops of your spices facing you. This way, you’ll never accidentally put sugar on your omlet again! Invest in a spice rack for the next time you cook up a well-seasoned storm.

Pull-Out Cabinet
A pull-out cabinet is a great way to easily access your storage! They keep clutter off countertops and essentials within sight. Another perk is that these cabinets can be installed almost anywhere. A pull-out cabinet can be by the oven for oils, seasonings, and kitchenware, in your cabinets for snacks and drinks, and lower cabinets for your trash and recycling bin. They work as the greatest space savers for all your kitchen needs!

Tray Dividers
Tray dividers are another must-have! They store essentials vertically in cabinets, while keeping items within reach. Tray dividers work wonders for cutting boards, baking sheets, pizza pans, and more. There are also combinations of tray dividers that can function as a pull-out organizer. This makes it so you can easily store and reach essentials. Isn’t that neat? You get two amazing features in one! Don’t wait. Install this tray divider pull-out for stress-free, easy-access storage.

Incorporating A Beautiful Aesthetic
A cohesive kitchen design can be hard to achieve when all your pantry items are mismatched. To keep snacks in uniform, transfer ingredients into jars and labeled containers on shelving. Keeping common ingredients like flour, sugar, pasta, and oatmeal in larger jars on one shelf with more specialized ingredients like nuts, spices, and dried fruit on the shelf above can reveal a neater appeal in the pantry. Label these containers with chalk marker or uniform washi tape for easy access.

If you’re looking to stylize these organized essentials, consider woven baskets {these are some of our favorites!} for styling your pantry or kitchen. Place these woven baskets on open shelves. Open shelving in a kitchen has two functions – they work wonders for storing and displaying bowls, glass, and other kitchenware – all while looking beautiful.

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The Result? A Beautiful Kitchen!
Speaking of beautiful … once you start implementing these tips, you’ll have a beautifully organized kitchen in no time! After you're done with the process, top off your new and improved space by installing chalkboard paint by your fridge for grocery lists, along with all of these must-have kitchen organizing products we’ve linked in this blog. This fun hack can function for you just as much as the rest of your beautiful kitchen. 😊 Happy organizing!

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