Survival Mode Mama: Everyday Style

Anyone else struggling with our new daily routine? (All the stressed-out mamas homeschooling, working, and “attempting” to keep the house clean—please stand up!)


I’m not going to lie—I am on a struggle bus to nowhere with my kiddos these days. From the constant interaction, long and hectic days, and the endless amount of “no’s” I spew out from morning ‘til night—I am just WORN DOWN!


Don’t get me wrong—I love these little stinkers to the moon and back—but I am completely frazzled, and exhausted. NOT a good combo. 


After taking some time to reflect on the positive aspects of our day, and to remember what we did BEFORE we went into lockdown mode, I came up with 4 super simple tips. Take it from me, these sweet little nuggets of gold WORK, and I know they can for you, too. 


So relax, grab some coffee (or wine—I’m not judging!), and let’s dive in!


1. Give yourself GRACE

This is SO very important as a stay-at-home mama, but even more crucial now that we’re all cooped up together all day long, and still have mountains of to-dos (and laundry) piling up. Start your day out with grace. If you’re really struggling with this one, set sporadic reminders on your phone to alert you to take some time to pause, reflect, and be filled with gratitude for your health, wellness, and your family. 


2. Allow extra time … 

For literally everything. If you were once used to spending 10 minutes to tackle a task, plan for 20. Technology takes extra time, wrangling the kids, grabbing the 5,491 snack of the day, and constant interruptions take time. Plan for it—your day will go much more smoothly. 


*Pro tip: If you’re in need of some extra support in managing your time throughout the day, try out time blocking. I especially love the Pomodoro method. 


3. Stay healthy + well

Get some fresh air. Go outside for a walk. Stay hydrated. Take the kids outside to run around, kick the soccer ball, or fly a kite. Take frequent breaks to get some fresh air—you deserve it! 


4. Implement MOMfulness 

See what I did there? I’m talking about mindfulness. Maybe you feel best mentally after you have taken some time to pray, meditate, do yoga, or visualize your dream life. Whatever it is that refuels you and inspires a healthy mindset, take time each day to make it happen. 

*Pro tip: Wake up just 30 minutes early each day to implement this new routine. This simple tip has completely revolutionized my morning and my entire life. Give it a try—it can do wonders for kickstarting your day!


I’d love to hear from you! How are you surviving during these unpredictable times?  


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