No time? No money? No problem! Your self-care kick-in-the-pants awaits!

Self-care is a term that we hear all the time. But one that is commonly misunderstood. 


When reviewing a recent poll, 1/3 of people asked, said that self-care was something only people with an abundance of money could partake in. Another finding revealed that nearly half of adults believe they do not have time for self-care. 


Do you have any of these same beliefs?


Ironically, science totally busts these myths. When we are completely deprived and our own cups are not filled, we are not able to take care of others efficiently, and certainly cannot care for ourselves. But, if we take even minutes a day to work on our self-care, it can make a world of difference. 


Better yet? You can even improve your productivity! “People that look after themselves [and practice self-care] do have better cognitive ability. They do have better focus and they do have better concentration,” Dr. Russell Thackeray, a licensed clinical psychologist who consults on the topic of productivity. “They tend to actually produce more.”


So, what can you do today to make self-care a priority? 


1. Schedule it! 
Yes, I know. It seems silly to schedule something in your calendar that you really need/want to do. But, if you’re busy—which I’m guessing you likely are—you NEED to schedule it. 


2. Do it guilt-free. 
This is such a hard one for women—especially moms. We have so many things competing for our time that we often feel guilty to take even 5-10 minutes to ourselves if it doesn’t contribute to helping someone else or our household. But here’s the thing—if we’re not feeling fulfilled, or we’re feeling completely deprived—we’re likely not contributing to our loved ones. We need to get in the right mental space, and practice self-care regularly (guilt-free) to best care for others, and ourselves. 


3. Start small. 
Can you spend hours on self-care every day? Sure. Do you deserve to spend that much time improving yourself? Absolutely! But, I have a good feeling that you don’t have a bunch of extra hours in your day. So, it’s best to start small. Maybe it’s just 5 minutes every day. Choose something that fills you up, schedule it, and make it a priority. 


Self-care looks different for each person. Maybe your self-care is reading a great book, taking a bubble bath, going on a peaceful walk, or treating yourself to a day at the spa. Whatever it is that fills you up, make the commitment to yourself to practice self-care each and every day. 

You, your health, and your happiness all depend on it!

I’d love to hear from you! How are you implementing these self-care practices on the daily? My practice involves waking up at 5 AM, reading a great book, prayer, visualization, and doing a little yoga to kick-start my day.


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